• Lou Devine

How to avoid "campaign inertia"

Yesterday was #internationalwomensday. It can be a fantastic way to celebrate those females who have impacted your life or business - I know I need more hands and toes to count those who I could give a shout out to.

However, when I delved through the myriad of #iwd2021 posts (more than 500k posts on this hashtag alone) I couldn’t help feeling that many businesses miss a trick on ‘hashtag trending campaign days or weeks’ by not posting anything particularly meaningful. Make your content count, have a strategy behind it.

Here are some of my thoughts on how you can capitalise on campaign themes – I’ve used IWD as an example, but you can definitely transfer these ideas to any content your produce.

1. Tell your story

Focus on the females behind your business. Or pick one key member to share their story in full. What do they bring to your business? How do they work? What is your policy on flexible working (not just for women)?

If you are a sole trader, focus on a key person who has got behind you from the start, or shine the spotlight on someone you have benefited from working collaboratively with. Or if you have a dedicated customer base, how nice would it be to talk about someone who has been particularly loyal?

BOSCANOVA (@boscanova) • Instagram photos and videos posted a notice board image yesterday of all their female staff and put names to faces, which added a human touch.

2. Show off your products

But don’t be overt! If you’re clever and not crass, then including a product in any campaign post is a great way of meeting your number one business strategy! Cross Stitch Goddess (@crossstitchgoddess) • Instagram photos and videos showed off her wonderful handiwork yesterday by including a punchy statement, while family-run business Qurious - Customised Gifts (@qurious.shop) • Instagram photos and videos showed off what their slogan business is all about using a ‘woman power’ graphic.

3. Ditch the quotes

I’m being cruel to be kind here. Instead of the “she believed she could”-style quote, don’t you think your audience would much rather here from YOU? What is your position on any campaign? Does your business have a particular interest in a national health day? Does some of your profit go into a particular charity? Be inspiring; if you don’t, someone else will!

4. Don’t follow the crowd

Unless you have an innovative way of piggybacking on something, perhaps it’s best to stay schtum! While I was scrolling through Instagram yesterday I noticed some big brands like Not On The High Street decided not to address the IWD campaign at all. If you haven’t got a strategic point to make, don’t feel obliged to post for the sake of it – it may be better to use your business efforts elsewhere…

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