Who am I?

Here's a bit about me...

I'm a mum of two boys who are growing too quickly and a rather senior chocolate Labrador, Barney, who finally learnt to swim when we relocated to Bournemouth in 2017. I used to live in London, then Surrey, and I now like to say to friends "I live in a micro-climate". I'm still not sure what that exactly means, except the sun really does shine more here than anywhere else I've ever lived!

I set up my business after working in a variety of communications roles for many years (in a former life, I was a sports journalist, but that's for another time!) and I've loved seeing the world of content marketing evolve. I'm passionate about helping businesses thrive in in an online world. Storytelling and authentic engagement is what it's all about.

Since setting up my business I've been fortunate to work with a miriad of clients - a garden nursery, an NHS Trust, a visual impairment charity and a caker maker, to name a few. This variety has helped me develop lots of different ideas for all social platforms.


In a nutshell, I want to help you tell your story brilliantly!